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Turn KeyKong on! You just have to remember one password, he will remember all the others for you.

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Keep your secrets close. Your data is protected behind your one Key Password, which only you know. Strong AES-256 encryption protects your sensitive information at all times.

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  • All your information is safe behind your secret Key Password.
  • Automatically fills in passwords for you in a truly secure way.
  • Chrome extension for your convenience.
  • You’re in control: at any time, you can decide to delete the database manually from the cloud.
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KeyKong follows the main principle: no access to your true data: your passwords, notes and, usernames are yours and yours alone.

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  • KeyKong is not nosy. That’s why your real data is never stored anywhere, every encryption or decryption happens exclusively on your own device.
  • This means KeyKong never actually receives your true information. He’s here just to protect it.
  • Your data is always encrypted in travels between devices and servers. It never travels without being encrypted first.


Log into your favorite websites and apps from anywhere without the hassle of forgetting anything. Create good passwords and manage them easily.

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  • Save time on the web. KeyKong will remember all your passwords and type them for you with one click.
  • KeyKong is also in your browser. You can create fill and remember your passwords directly from Google Chrome.
  • Simple design focused exclusively on storing and remembering your online accounts. No more complicated stuff.

KeyKong is here for you, give it a try

Just put your name, email address and there you go! No credit card or bank accounts needed for a new account.