Security is our motto

Online security is mandatory. With that in mind, all of KeyKong's features are created with your privacy and safety ahead. That means we cover everything from technical issues to human mistakes to ensure that only you can access your stuff. Our security level is top notch with military-grade encryption and world-renowned partners as support. With KeyKong you are truly safe online. Keep reading to learn how.

How we secure your data

  • KeyKong app requests user's data to the server, encrypted with AES-256 in CBC mode;
  • The main Encryption Key is derived from the user's Key Password, using PBKDF2 with SHA512 and a user’s unique salt value;
  • The main Encryption Key is used to decrypt the Collection Password (which is a secure random 128 bits key) for each collection;
  • The Collection Encryption Key is derived from the user's Collection Password, using PBKDF2 with SHA512 and a user’s unique salt value;
  • KeyKong will use the Collection Encryption Key to decrypt the user's encrypted data using AES-256 in CBC mode.
KeyKong X-Ray


KeyKong's application, servers, and architecture thoroughly follow the main design principle: no access to user raw data (passwords, notes, usernames). Every storing, transporting, encoding or logging operation made by our application servers won't have any access to unencrypted information.

Secure transport

Data is always encrypted in travels between devices and servers by Transport Layer Security (TLS). Your data never travels without being encrypted first.

The Key Password

When creating a new account, users are prompted asked to create a Key Password that is only accepted as secure when it passes the minimal strength established, this is very important to have a real security cryptographic key. For your security, the Key Password is never stored on our servers, your device or sent over the internet.

Encrypted end to end

All your data is stored under a real secure encryption system using strong keys, this means that your real data is never stored anywhere, every encryption or decryption happens exclusively on your own device.

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