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Frequently asked questions about KeyKong

To access your passwords everywhere, install the KeyKong app on all of your devices.

Can I use KeyKong for free?

Yes! We have a 15 days free trial with no credit cards or bank accounts needed.

What is KeyKong and how does it work?

KeyKong is your first step in online safety. It helps you make strong passwords for each of your accounts and keeps them safe for you. With KeyKong you can create different collections of passwords and manage them the way you see fit.

Is one license valid for all my devices?

Yes. Your login and Key Password is valid for every version of it.

What makes KeyKong safe?

All your data is stored under a strong encryption with strong keys, this means that your real data is never stored anywhere, every encryption or decryption happens exclusively on your own device. We never actually receive your true information, only an encryption of it. This means no one inside KeyKong or even our servers has access to your data.

What devices does KeyKong work on?

KeyKong comes to all web browsers and as a chrome extension with the versions for Android and iOS devices in sight to be released.

What information of mine does KeyKong has access to?

KeyKong has access only to your account name, your email address and some non-invasive need-to-know information you have stored so far, such as how many passwords you have registered or when was your last login made. KeyKong DOES NOT have access to any of your personal content.

Can I change my Key Password later?

Absolutely! You can have a new password anytime.

Can I recover my Key Password if I lose it?

No, you can't. That's why it's extremely important you don't lose this single one.

How can I contact support?

You can talk to us through [email protected] or via chat inside the app. We would love to hear from you.

Can I change my payment information?


Can I change my subscription type later?

You sure can!

What happens if my account expire?

Don't worry. KeyKong won't leave you like that. Your account will be just frozen for an entire year or until you decide to renew it. You still will be able to access all your data without any problem.

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