Safe simplicity made for you

Having more than one password should be easy and safe, that’s why KeyKong App is here.

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Full protection against
security breaches

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Access your passwords
from anywhere

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(no more complicated stuff)

Happy KeyKong

Never use the "Forgot Password"
button ever again

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Ready to Protect

KeyKong protects your passwords by encrypting them with AES-256 one of the most powerful encryption algorithms. Only you can decrypt them and access your information with the factors you select.

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Privacy as Priority

Respecting your privacy like a real gentleman. Your passwords belong only to you and can only be seen by you. Your data will never be shared or sold.

KeyKong Bouncer

KeyKong is here for you, give it a try

Just put your name, email address and there you go! No credit card or bank accounts needed for that.

For more technical stuff just access our technical archive!